New Semester – New Goals

Most common goal this semester when “get all A’s” was broken down…. STAY ORGANIZED!

One way we looked at our organization was how we approached each week… spread out the quiz and tests… WRITE IT DOWN! Each student has created their own way of recording what needs to be done and they all take the time to create one the first day of the week they are in POD. Because of the format that our districts are using each student gets online their first day of the week and make a schedule for the week showing what work is due that day and due by the end of the week. It keeps them on track, it helps me, the coach, be accountable, it helps the students be accountable, and it makes everything way less overwhelming.

Those A’s might just be in their future if they make another goal to fill in our notes AND LISTEN to the videos!!! Next week’s lessons…

Using a regular student calendar.
Typing up the week and taking it in chunks.
Color coding by days of the week and the good feeling of crossing it off when you are done!