One-On-One Individualized Tutoring

Even the smartest students struggle to focus and stay organized.

In the Arrow Tutoring one-on-one program, A tutor will work with your student to develop core skills, develop a proactive academic plan, and boost grades in school. These core skills will be useful throughout your student’s life, and success in school will set him/her up for success in life.

Homeschool Club

Students bring their individual curriculum for specific subjects and work together in a small group setting. This option offers excellent tutoring in a small group at a lower cost than individual tutoring.

In a small group, students can be in a fun high energy environment with the guidance of a tutor. The group is for 3 hours and has a schedule set up with snack and outside time. The accountability of friends in the room is a big motivator to stay focused while they get to work together and build confidence. The last 45 min of the day is a group activity focused on what the lead tutor sees as a common subject need to play and practice together.

Pre-reservations are required and monthly commitment is appreciated.

Age Specific Small Group Tutoring

Currently Arrow Tutoring Center is expanding the small group tutoring program to meet the demand of homeschool students who need help in specific subjects. The current small group Tutoring programs running for 2022-2023 are Kindergarten and 2nd Grade. We meet on a monthly schedule and use a curriculum together so that group learning is using the same vocabulary and learning instructions. There is a 2nd Grade Tutoring program for Science on Fridays see schedule. There is an option to join on Fridays only or monthly for the 2nd grade program.

Small group tutoring offers in-person social learning with an experienced coach for a whole-child education. Small groups are like a one room schoolhouse with a coach to help students in specific content to stay on task and keep up with their assignments. We have created a maximum of 10 and a minimum of 8 students committed per small group.

"I like going to my learning pod because it is really helpful. The set up makes it feel like I am in school and around other people. There are 4 other kids in my grade and some of them are in my same classes. It is nice to be able to work on assignments together. It is easier to keep focus for the kids who have a hard time with that. We do arts and craft when we need a break. Overall, I recommend small learning groups. It is a great opportunity."

— Charlotte S. 6th grade

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