Motivation on Homework in the Holidays

The holidays are distracting and attention to details started to wane: and grades were going down!

I was watching the kids in class after Thanksgiving and their attention to details and researching the correct answers began to wane; grades were going down. They were settling for just passing. I knew that all of them could do much better especially since our format (the platform that our district is using is Edgenuity and Schoology) is to fill out notes during the video instruction and they get to use those notes on their quiz’s and unit tests. The answers are basically at their finger tips they just needed to slow down, read the questions and possible answers, find that section in their notes and then look for the key words. Soooo after Thanksgiving we decorated for Christmas and cut out a bunch of Christmas ornament shapes from paper. If a students gets a 90 or higher they get to write their name, class and percent on the ornament, and hang it in the front window. It looks like decorations to the rest of the world but to us we are celebrating being a student!

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