Located in Ellensburg, Arrow Tutoring Center creates a culture where students are learning empowered. Here students work with their tutor to create whole student education targets through identifying learning styles, strengths, and weaknesses and creating a plan to work within those. Through Arrow Tutoring Center there will be realistic, tactile, and unique learning opportunities for Kittitas County Students and their families.

This year 2022-2023 we are tutoring small group kindergarten, 2nd grade, homeschool club, Friday Science Club, and on Thursday evenings we have a Speech/Debate Class for middle/high homeschool kids.


Customer Testimonials

Denee S.

"I have known Adrea, owner of Arrow Tutoring, for many years now. In September 2020, she started tutoring my two girls. - I have seen firsthand her dedication to teaching each student to their individual needs. Adrea enthusiastically put in the extra work to make sure each student was learning and feeling accomplished, rather than depressed and frustrated."

Becky C.

“When I first heard that Adrea was starting a tutoring business, I think I was one of the first people to email her to get my son on her list. Having known her when she was teaching in a classroom, I knew that her dynamic personality and love for learning would be exactly what I needed to keep my son focused and working hard in this new way of learning.”

Melinda M.

“Mrs. Donogh’s Small Group POD has been a huge blessing to our family’s education. Our girls have made great progress adapting to their online learning platforms with the help of Mrs. Donogh. Her positive, flexible, and caring attitude has paved the way for a successful school experience during these trying times.”

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